If you have been part of the local church for very long, you know there are moments when you have been discouraged by the way things were going. In fact, your discouragement may have led you to stay home, or maybe to do or say things that were hurtful.


Here are six questions to ask yourself when you become discouraged with the church…

1. Are my thoughts and feelings distorting the truth?  In times of discouragement, people can feel like no cares. They feel like there is nothing good happening at church. They feel like there is no hope. Notice, everything is based on feelings. A person must be able to discern the truth.  Sometimes the situation is much better than one feels.

2.  Where is my focus – on the things I can control or can’t control?  We understand that we can’t control everything but too often we try to do just that; however, we can become discouraged if we focus on what we can’t control.  Therefore, we should concentrate on the things we can and ask God to take of those things we have no control over.

3.  How am I doing spiritually?  1 Peter 2:1-3 tells us, “to put away all malice…and long for pure spiritual milk.” We must talk to God and walk with God.  When discouragement sets in, we should stop and evaluates how much “spiritual milk” we are drinking.

4.  Do you see your sin?  Sometimes we get discouraged because we think others are the problem. Your eyes turn to everybody else’s issues, and you fail to look at your spiritual issues.

5. Am I an active part of the body or a causal attender?  Causal attendees come when it works for them. Their involvement centers on other things that fill their schedules – the church is not a priority in the family schedule.  When you are discouraged, ask yourself how you can help the church move forward.

6.  Do I pray for the church leadership?  Often, when we become discouraged, we blame the church leadership. We think we know what they should be doing better. Pray for the church leadership, ask God to guide them and guide you.

I pray you find encouragement today!

About erdiecarter

As pastor at Glasgow Baptist Church, I am passionate about seeing people persevere and be true followers of Jesus Christ. I am a blessed to have a wonderful family. My wife Pam teaches in a online school and our son, Drew enjoys playing the drums, bowling and his two dogs, Harley and Daisy.


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